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Which is it? South Boston? Waterfront? Seaport? Fort Point? Innovation District? - !

     No matter what you end up calling this area, there is no doubt that there is a great buzz happening in this area of Boston.   It’s proximity to South Station, the Financial District, Downtown and the Waterfront makes it a convenient venue for living and for working, as does its wide selection of restaurants

 We were particularly pleased to stop in on the Channel Cafe on Summer Street to check out the layout and enjoy the beautiful artwork displayed about the building.

     The Fort Point District has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 2004, and was declared a Landmark District by the City of Boston in December of 2008. 

 The Fort Point Channel Website states that this land was originally a tidal marsh. “Coarse grass tufted the little hillocks which rose at intervals to relieve the monotony of sand, mud and sluggish sea water captured by the inlets and held in pools at the change of the tides”, in the words of one writer.
     The original Fort Point was located on the other side of the Fort Point Channel where International Place now stands.

      In colonial times a battery of cannon was posted there to protect the inner harbor. As Boston grew, the hill that dominated the point was leveled and the soil used to fill the coves on either side. Neither the point nor the hill nor the fort still exists. “Fort Point” became a name in search of a neighborhood.
       As reported on Boston.com, speaking to a group of techies at a breakfast in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, Mayor Thomas M. Menino had endorsed their efforts to give the area a new identity. “I want this city to grow and show its technology leadership,’’ he said. Menino officially recognized the area, home to a growing number of Web design firms and digital consultancies, as the “Cyber District.’’

       That was 1997. Two years later, then-Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci launched a branding campaign to have the Bay State known as “Dot Commonwealth.’’

       In January 2010, Menino was back with another name: the South Boston Waterfront and the same neighborhood he previously labeled Cyber District would heretofore be known as the “Innovation District.’’

   Whatever you decide to call this area, the one thing you can be sure of, is that this is an area of Boston that is growing, vibrant, and never, ever boring.

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