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Downtown with Kevin Brown – Lunchtime ! - !

Anyone who knows Kevin Brown, knows that when he finds something he likes, he sticks with it.  Over 30 years ago, Kevin began showing office space in downtown Boston.  Kevin still enjoys helping businesses find the best office space for their needs.  He is familiar with every square foot of office space in this city.

It should be no surprise, then, that Kevin enjoys the same lunch every weekday.  The friendly faces at Pavia, on Water Street, expect Kevin at just about 11am each day.  They will have his lunch ready for him in just a few ticks.

Kevin’s sandwich of choice:  
The Grilled Chicken Fava – A wrap sandwich of  grilled chicken breast, provolone cheese, guacamole,  green beans and tomato relish.  
Dessert;  A Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Downtown with Kevin Brown – Boston Office Spaces for Lease…. and great lunch advice.

Our mission: To help a business find the perfect office space at the most favorable market rate and lease terms.