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Boston Food Trucks - !

Over the last several years, the popularity of Boston food trucks has exploded in the foodie world and it doesn’t look like they will be running out of gas anytime soon. No longer are they considered late night “roach coaches” or construction site “taco tanks,” but have progressed to high tech mobile kitchens offering some of the most creative and tasty food you can get. Without the need for brick and mortar, these modern day chefs are free to cook up unique meals and serve it quickly to the people on the street. No reservations required! Niche menus run from funky comfort food to fusion cuisine and use obscure ingredients such as peppadew, lavender and burrata cheese. Sounds intriguing, yes? 

Social media has also played a big role in the food truck phenomenon as entrepreneurs and chefs alike use Twitter or Instagram to capture people’s appetites and let them know their location and specials.

Boston is one city that has embraced this vibrant industry.  The Food Truck Program rolled out in 2011 and now there are nearly 70 food trucks in the area. If you work or live in town, delicious food can be found on four wheels on almost every other corner near you.  Below are a few urban favorites:

The Taco Truck
taco food truck boston ma
The Taco Truck serves Mexican food made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Served out of their eco-friendly food truck are tacos, tortas, ensaladas, salsas, and a selection of sides.


Momogoose is a yummy food truck that specializes in healthy Southeast Asian cuisine with a variety of options that will satisfy every vegan, vegetarian, and meat eater alike. Chicken pho, gu nuong – grilled lemongrass chicken are some local favorites.

Cookie Monstah

Cookie Monstah will not satisfy your sweet cravings with their delicious chocolate chip cookies but will make you want to chomp all the cookies in the truck!

Be sure to order a cookie with their delicious ice cream.

Chicken & Rice Guys
Chicken & Rice Guys Food Truck Boston

Chicken & Rice Guys is a great truck that offers you great meat and rice at fair and affordable prices. The Halal Chicken is a crowd pleaser. Try the combo plate of chicken and lamb, extra white garlic sauce and a bit of hot sauce, some pita bread, yellow rice, and crisp salad; eat it all together! 

Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck Boston

Yum! Comfort food! Roxy’s has some of the gooiest and cheesiest grilled cheese you will ever taste.  It’s one of the first food trucks in Boston and is quite popular. The signature Mighty Rib Melt of BBQ will leave you coming back for more. The folks at this food truck say it best: “We don’t make your grandma’s grilled cheese.” 

Lefty’s Silver Cart
lefty's silver cart -food truck, boston

Boston.com tells us “Take just one bite of these crazy vegetarian sandwiches and you will be hooked. The heavenly Figment sandwich with goat cheese, fig jam and truffle vinaigrette dressed mixed greens on toasty Iggy’s baguette is sure to get your taste buds working again.”

We also liked the sound of the The Italian Job which offers
marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper and black olive tapenade with lemon hummus.

For the most up to date location and schedule of more Boston food trucks, visit the food truck schedule posted on City of Boston’s website.

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