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Today’s Office Amenities - !

As more and more millennials enter the workforce so comes with them a different set of expectations, especially when it comes to office or employee amenities. The youngest workers, for example, have grown up plugged in. They love technology and the flexibility it gives them to multitask on the go and in a variety of settings, including non-traditional ones. They prefer casualness to formality.
They’re not looking for the lavish office holiday party or large private offices with high end furniture, but rather things that make their lives less hectic and make them be more efficient with their time. When looking for leasing new office space here are some office amenities that will attract and keep young talent:
Informal/Collaborative Work Spaces
Little areas should be designated outside of private offices where small groups can gather for ad-hoc meetings and exchange ideas. These casual “perches” should be colorful and comfortable using more residential furnishings like comfortable sofas. Workstations should be clustered in groups creating work “neighborhoods” providing easy circulation and communication among workers. And of course, everything is wireless with lightning download speed.

Roof Deck

Having a place where employees can take a break and get some fresh air is great for your employee’s moral. It offers a quick escape from daily work stress. This outdoor meeting space is also a great environment to improve employee comradery. Being able to provide a grill or outdoor kitchen for community lunches or parties is another great addition.
Gym and/or Shower Locker Room
Breaking a sweat at the gym is becoming a daily activity in people’s lives. Providing an onsite gym saves time driving to another gym location. Employees will also be able to exercise to relieve stress and live a healthier lifestyle, thus less calling in sick. If a gym is prohibitive at least there should be a locker room with shower. Many employees bike to work take a run on their lunch hour. 
This might not be the flashiest amenity but it certainly is a desirable one. Having on site dry-cleaning saves so much time for employees running around after work or on Saturdays. Also knowing that you have clean fresh pressed clothes at the ready can be a confidence booster.

Parking and Indoor Bike Storage

There is nothing worse than a morning commute on a clogged expressway and then having to find a parking spot. Reserved employee parking makes a big difference, easing commuter stress and saving time. Also having a heated indoor bike storage area for the people who bike to work is a big plus.

On-Site Child Care

This is a big office amenity for working parents. On-site day care allows parents to commute to and from work with kids, spend lunch and break time together, and the opportunity to check in on them anytime during the day. It also is a less expensive option for parents than in-home child care.

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