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“Landlord Representation Services in Boston”

Brown & Wagner has been providing commercial real estate landlord representation services in Boston for over 36 years. Read on to learn more about our expertise.

landlord representation services in Boston, Massachusetts


Kevin Brown, founder of Brown & Wagner, has successfully orchestrated the commercial real estate leasing efforts of over fifty buildings within Downtown Boston. Those assignments have ranged from turn-of-the-century boutique structures to ground-up new construction.

commercial lease building in Boston


Brown & Wagner’s commercial real estate landlord agencies experience spans over three and a half decades providing successful leasing campaigns through a myriad of economic cycles ranging from periods of high occupancy levels to more turbulent and challenging environments with high market vacancies in Boston, Massachusetts.

commercial lease building


Brown & Wagner’s commercial real estate leasing efforts, incorporating a multi-pronged approach, have resulted in its Boston, Massachusetts buildings maintaining above-average occupancy levels and enhanced values for its commercial real estate clients. These accomplishments have greatly outpaced the overall Boston, Massachusetts commercial real estate market occupancy metrics over the last 36 years.




Brown & Wagner Represented Buildings

One Appleton Street
22 Batterymarch Street
Berkeley Place
80 Boylston Street
120 Boylston Street
535 Boylston Street
545 Boylston Street
15 Broad Street
33 Broad Street
109 Broad Street
115 Broad Street

180 Canal Street
585 Commercial Street
85 Devonshire Street
185 Devonshire Street
7 Liberty Square
155 Federal Street
260 Franklin Street
281 Franklin Street
225 Friend Street
9 Hamilton Place
10 High Street
121 High Street

184 High Street
200 High Street
186 Lincoln Street
98 North Washington Street
100 North Washington Street
160 North Washington Street
24 School Street
84 State Street
148 State Street
71 Summer Street
77 Summer Street

87 Summer Street
100 Summer Street
125 Summer Street
280 Summer Street
10 Tremont Street
112 Water Street
262 Washington Street
29 Winter Street
44 Winter Street
58 Winter Street