South Boston

Now THAT’s Innovation !! - !

We think that the big pink cloud barge installation at Fort Point Channel will be one of the most interesting things in the city.  See the article on (link)  by Christopher Muther. photo from Phu Hoang Office Website The hot pink net, designed by Phu Hoang Office, which will cover a cluster of weather balloons will even change […]

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Welcome to the Innovation District - !

We are intrigued and entertained by the installation of Art on the Marquee in Boston’s Innovation District by the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center. ” “Art on the Marquee” offers artists more than 3,000 square feet of digital display on seven screens, providing full-motion video and a viewership of more than 100,000 pedestrians and motorists. The marquee is […]

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Flickr anyone? - !

We are enjoying the ease and convenience of posting photos on Flicker. Please take a few moments to  view our Flicker Photostream: Click to view:  Fort Point District Office Space Available  ( includes a shower on the mezzanine level !) Click to view:  Downtown Office Space – Historical Details, Convenient Location Contact us for more […]

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